The Baggy Blue

The Baggy Blue - awards


The "Baggy Blue" is the highest playing award that the club presents.  It is a recognition of the levels of high playing  and sporting achievement  that the club wishes to promote and reward. 

The awards apply for the 2011 season onwards and will be made automatically for the following achievements :

 - Score 100 in an adult cricket match

 - Take 6 or more wickets in an adult cricket match

 - Take 5 or more catches/wicket keeping dismissals in an adult cricket match.

In addition, the club also reserves the right to reward "career" commitment and performance by awarding a "Baggy Blue" as and when appropriate.


 1   James Measham     131*    24/04/2011    vs Moulsford (home) 
 2   Mark Nash 6-63   07/05/2011    vs Marlow 2nd (home)
 3   Patrick Allen 163   07/05/2011    vs Finchampstead 3rd  (away)
 4   Nick Holman 7-39   07/05/2011    vs Finchampstead 3rd (away)
 5   Paul Reber 110*   14/05/2011    vs Cove 3rd (home)
 6   Khan Azad 6-19   21/05/2011    vs Bradfield 2nd (away)
 7   Kevin Denton 128*   28/05/2011    vs Princes Risborough (away)
 8   Caleb Maycock 6-41   28/05/2011    vs Bracknell (home)
 9   Alex Clough 8-34   11/06/2011    vs Bagshot 2nd (home)
10  Pete Rackley  101*  24/07/2011  vs Woodley (away) 

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