Purley on Thames CC Adult squad

Patrick Allen
Batsman and surprisingly affective off spinner. Potters record run scorer and leading ton maker - 20 so far!!!!
Kieran Barrett
Under 17's powerhouse opening batsman with a questionable selection of shots has lead from the front with continual high-class single figure scores throughout his career has recently signed a sponsorship deal with gray-nicolls.

Used to be reknowned for his vicious half length express but hamstring injuries led to a change in approach. Has recently established himself as a strike spin bowler for the 3rds obtaining a deadly arm ball as a result of many of Pete Rackely's training sessions.

Now well known for his monster arm and enthusiasm in the field has now settled in the openers role, a feared batsman among the berkshire league division 4 with many teams including the likes of knowl hill and waltham st lawrence are yet to find a remedy for his class.

A questionable relationship with fellow fast bowler Jordan Seward has led to questions being raised over his sexuality and whilst not always seeing eye to eye with coach Pete Rackely now has a mutual respect as both highly regarded opening batsman for the Sunday 2nd team.

Looking forward to many more illustrious seasons in the Purley ranks with a first debut in sight.
Barry Carter
40, professional, G.S.O.H (supports Wolves - shame - we wont hold that against him), likes: travel and table tennis, dislikes: cricket, would like to meet......
George Clarke

Purley's most decorated Under 19's captain, George 'Nev' Clarke led the youthful 2016 side on an unprecedented cup run, only to be haulted by hosts and clear favourites Slough.

The batting all-rounder was re-appointed Midweek captain for the upcoming 2017 season and faces a tough test in Division 1 of the competition.

Cyril Cox
AKA 'Secret', destroyer of many a middle order with his legendary 'wobble'. A great exponent of the dark arts of indoor cricket, despite having a dodgy shoulder. Legendary consumer of shandy - 6 shandys do not equal 2 pints of beer - therefore its ok driving!
Jeff Hinds
Jefferson, explosive right hand bat and wily bowler.
His season only normally comes to life after the Reading Carnival is finished. Purveyor of a fine selection of expressive comments - Cheese on bread, Will be celebrating 25 years as a Playing Member of the club in 2013 and is the current Chairman of the Club.
Robert Holman
Fast medium right arm bowler - can be very dangerous, (sometimes) especially to gully or 3rd slip. If he arrives with blood on his clothes its because his Saturday job is as a butchers boy (AKA the Butcher of Pangbourne) not because he has had a run in with Steve Austin.
Errol Masters
Tall Jamaican off spinner, has a 'mystery' ball in his armoury (its a mystery how he has got away with his bowling for years!). Main man in all Purley deals with Trinidad and Tobago.
Caleb Maycock
Top quality fast bowler. Capable of bowling a serious pace from the shortest of run ups. Also a very useful batsman, unorthodox in his methods but highly effective. DO NOT drop a catch off his bowling.
Lemar Maycock
i love cricket so much and want to be a pro !!!!
James Measham
AKA 'Mini Meash', a talented all rounder, steady middle order bat and a dangerous medium pace bowler. That being, a danger to the batsman and occassionally second slip,especially after an all nighter in Bournemouth or a night out in Bar Risa !!
Adam Mugford
Opening batsman (according to his team mates), wicket-keeper (not according to his team-mates), and in his 3rd season as Saturday 3rds skipper. Also been coaching a junior side since 2005.
David Newham
Scored 3 Purley centuries, 1 of which came in a 20 over game. However if it isn't a century then it more than likely is a duck. A very promising fast bowler, has a history of hitting wicket keepers in the face.
Paul Reber
The Tank! Famed for his dab - late cut for 4. Former Berkshire wicket keeper, his physique has changed since those days. Quality bat and seamer capable of bowling the 'heavy' ball!
Raj Senniappan
Attacking middle order batsman, more than useful bowler and a very reluctant wicket keeper (he has very delicate hands). 
Andrew Stephens
45 year old veteran/collection of injuries, playing from memory
Rahu Thava
Known as Yahoo
George Wheeler
Known to give his team up to 50 times extra in all areas of the game
Luke Wilkinson

It's amazing how well someone can play with out much skill.

All Luke possess is enthusiasm and determination, this has stood him well during his 30+ years of playing cricket.